Involtini Di Pollo Primavera (Chicken Rollatini Primavera)

Chicken Rollatini (involtini, anglicized) stuffed with spinach and mozzarella, breaded, topped with a white wine-cream Primavera sauce. One frying pan. Plus one oven-safe dish. Plus one pot if you want to serve with some capellini like we did. Still, pretty good, right? Continue reading “Involtini Di Pollo Primavera (Chicken Rollatini Primavera)”

Blog Party: Eat, Drink, and Play Charades — koolkosherkitchen

I am throwing a party, Beautiful People, and you are invited! A few days ago I realized that this blog has gathered 300+ followers. I decided right there and then to celebrate it by having a blog party. I thought I would get that cute Bing! from the WordPress telling me about it, but it […]

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Chicken Saltimbocca

I’m not a veal guy.

I know that as a bona fide carnivore I can be considered a hypocrite for this, but now that I know the reasons behind everything I used to love about veal as a blissfully-ignorant kid–taste, texture, etc.–I just don’t enjoy it.

So during weekly meal planning, when I thought about an ingredient counterpart for Monday’s Filet Mignon with Red Wine-Mushroom Pan Gravy, I opted to bypass the obvious choice–Chicken Marsala–and try my hand at one of my favorite chicken dishes. It’s the chicken-subbed version of a traditional Mediterranean veal dish called Saltimbocca. Continue reading “Chicken Saltimbocca”